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Beautiful Eulogy (LIVE)

I’ve posted about the resurgence of artistry and theology in “Christian” music before but I’m increasingly in awe of the […]

We (Alone) Got It Right

A small dose of humility to couple with our bold faith. Be confident in God. Be humble in understanding. *This […]

The Power of Music

This speaks for itself…. There is something powerful about music. It connects on a deep level and brings us to […]

Masters FTW – Use Your Platform

“The Shot” “The Jacket” And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord […]

Murdered Son

Here’s a new song off of John Mark McMillan’s latest album Economy. We first heard this song at Vinyl, a […]

The Foolishness of God

When you really think about it – the gospel story of Jesus is the most unthinkable reality. It flies in […]

How to talk about your faith… and make people WANT to know more

This guy continues to floor me with his passion, depth, and humility. Being deeply entrenched in the Bible Belt and […]

God as He really is… Eric Metaxas at the National Prayer Breakfast

Eric Metaxas wrote some of my girls’ favorite books and thick biographies on Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer. (You can easily find […]

Listener – A True Original

I was excited to finally receive a late Christmas gift in the mail… Listener’s Wooden Heart album on vinyl + […]

Small Things With Great Love

[post from my wife, Amanda, reflecting upon her recent trip to India] Christmas feels a little different for me this […]

Memorable, Creative, Low-Budget Sermon Ideas

PROOF that effective communication and creativity don’t require huge budgets – just great ideas. Don’t think these are great? Ask […]

An Impossible Challenge: $1 for 1 Day

Today is World Poverty Day. Surely you’ve heard by now statistics like “Over 1.25 BILLION people in the world live […]

Sevenly + Compassion CSP = Great Fit

Sorry for the t-shirt pun. In all seriousness, this is a great opportunity to grab a shirt that will spark […]

Being Right. (an iota of difference?)

I haven’t blogged in quite a while… I’ll be turning this site into a portfolio and future blog posts will […]

“White Owl” video

Get this album for FREE (read about it here) and watch an incredible performance here.

Love & War & The Sea In Between (FREE ALBUM)

Love & War & The Sea In Between by Josh Garrels You. Want. This. Album. Josh Garrels has blessed the […]

The silliness of being an expert on The Potter (Chan)

10 minutes… another Chan video… but I was floored by the humility and urgency in reflecting on hell and God’s […]

Expose’ on Teen Sex & Dating (Free Kindle & Nook)

A couple of weeks ago I was able to meet a few people deep in the trenches of ministry with […]

Seryn… WOW.

Seryn. Think Anathallo from Texas. …Sufjan, Sigur Ros, The Low Anthem, Mumford & Sons, even Guster… BUT, here’s the kicker, […]

Free e-Publishing (issuu & Tony Morgan)

Open publication – Free publishing – More ben stroup At the turn of the year, I was able to help […]