Jonah and the 4th of July

Taylor Robinson, a great friend of mine, helped out with a song during worship on the 4th of July. (Check out the 10 minute mark.) Sure, it may look like what some of you may expect from a church in Alabama, but it was a great time. Imagine A Boy Named Sue version of the story of Jonah in an Oh Brother Where Art Thou? fashion… if that makes sense. The message was a challenging look at the all too familiar story of Jonah. (NOT your typical 4th of July message.)

Fish Food <— Nobody saw this coming…

I always get a little anxious around the 4th of July when it comes to how churches will acknowledge the day, especially with it falling on Sunday this year. Over the past 5-10 years, I have honestly had growing discomfort with the blurred lines (if any line at all) between American and Christian values and the place patriotism has in the church. Sunday morning (this video) was a great balance of fun and celebration, while both respecting our nation and calling God’s people to remember that our allegiance lies with and our freedom comes from a King and Kingdom that is not of this world… and His mission is to reach the nations… all of them…. with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

July 4, 2010  ::  Fish Food and the Fourth of July ::  The Church At Brook Hills  ::  David Platt

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  1. Hi,

    I listened to the podcast of this sermon and absolutely loved the funny song. I run a Christian school in New Jersey and would love to get in contact with the band about playing that song here or being able to use the rights. Can you send me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

    1. Howe,

      Glad you enjoyed the song. We’re blessed with an extremely gifted creative team. The “band” is actually members of the worship team and the “singer” is a video director with acting background. (So David’s comment about them traveling was a set up joke.) It is an original piece they composed for the week’s message, probably under the guidance of Jim Watkins our worship pastor. Here’s a link to the church’s contact page with any questions regarding use of the song.

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