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Merry Xmas from The Colbert Report

This clip from The Colbert Report owned me… “reporting” on Christmas & charity. Colbert’s over-the-top satire speaks louder and more […]

Jesus. Twitter. and The Way.

As I’m wrapping up our new small group & retreat curriculum for Student Life/NavPress, I’ve been reflecting on my own […]

I’m A Trader

Brain Mosley and the crew over at BluefishTV and the Right Now Campaign created this video to explain their vision […]

Lesson From Bobby

“You try to let the players play the game themselves instead of you being responsible.” – Bobby Cox

Shim it?

Are we using language that is meaningless to our audience? This is the key – NOTHING IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Not in discipleship.

Playing. The Race Card.

I really wanted to see God work in the lives of these kids and was prayerfully considering how to navigate racial and economic barriers.

Book Review: Jungle Warfare

…the future is uncertain as to what direction my career path will take. I also have a burden for the lack of Christian ethics in the business world…

Church “Branding”?

Too many churches and ministries suffer from a lack of clear identity, purpose, and voice… (aka branding).

Do.Dah.Dippity. (Does the Church have Soul?)

Every time I pull up next to a Kia Soul at a red light or driving down the road, part of me expects to see Hamsters listening to hip-hop…

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Here are some great tips about the use of social media in a simple infographic. (Ministries need to pay as much attention to this as businesses.)

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise Video

…free video on iTunes is The Avett Brothers’ Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise… but does the message get lost in the delivery?

8 years ago… our faith journey

“The tune that is yours and mine to play upon this earth, we’ll play it out the best we know, whatever it is worth.” Bob Dylan, Wedding Song

I Don’t Want My Life To Matter Anymore…

No, seriously. For so long, I have wanted my life to matter. In particular, I wanted it to matter for the sake of Christ and His kingdom…

What’s My “Cupcake”?

I was sitting in Starbucks this morning, reading Isaiah, and couldn’t help but overhear the conversation across from me…

Fish Food

Jonah and the 4th of July

Taylor Robinson, a great friend of mine, helped out with a song during worship on the 4th of July. (Check out the 10 minute mark.)

Student Life Office

Life In The Office

The objective of this game is simple: walk as quickly as possible while holding a fish eye lens to one eye and covering the other…

My Radical Confession

WARNING: Radical living can easily get off track and run away from you if you’re not careful! (I’ll explain in a minute.)

Book Review: The Flowering Cross

Great way to spend time instilling biblical truth in your children. But the choppy story is more about loving your neighbor than about Easter.

New York Times Best Seller List (too funny)

Looks like Radical is in good company. The books immediately surrounding David’s made me laugh out loud.

Gospel Grains with Alton Brown

Alton Brown set up the sermon at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church with a look at how a loaf of bread would be made during the time of Christ.