Jesus. Twitter. and The Way.

As I’m wrapping up our new small group & retreat curriculum for Student Life/NavPress, I’ve been reflecting on my own spiritual journey. The Way of Christ doesn’t leave any room for straddling the fence. There is no middle ground.

If I’m honest, I sometimes treat following Christ a lot like I would treat following someone on Twitter (if I had a Twitter account). It is enough for me to simply have regular updates of what He said. That is often the extent of our relationship. I “know Him” and “follow Him” because I have read something He said that day…

But if His words aren’t changing my life. If I’m not being transformed, I’m treating Scripture like a profound tweet or status update. Am I habitually looking to His Word? But more than that, am I responding to it. Is it changing me? Transforming me? Moving me into action.

It’s not enough to merely know what He said. It’s not enough to say I believe it. I have to live for it.

Take 3 minutes and to watch this clip of Francis Chan talking about the “new middle road” many of us try to walk…  somewhere between the narrow and broad path Christ describes in Matthew 7:13-14.

(Video clip from the RightNow Conference – a great ministry to mobilize and equip church leaders)

Life In The Office

Our office here has a culture that is a little different from most, I imagine. For starters, we have writing, editing, audio, video, photography, animation, design, drama, carpentry, sales, tech, programming, finance, events, and missions under one roof. And for the most part, we’re pretty young. So when you get all kinds of creative people into one place, someone is going to need a mental break, outlet, or moment of new inspiration.

The objective of this game is simple: walk from Drew’s office to Taylor’s office as quickly as possible while holding a fish eye lens to one eye and covering the other. (I went second in this round of attempts.)

Classic moments from days gone by – I miss some of these guys around here.

In the wisdom of Ecclesiastes, today I simply wanted to be reminded to make the most of the day, enjoying the work God has given to me, content in any and every circumstance, and doing it all in obedience to and awe of God. I’m thankful for awesome friends surrounding me as we pursue the glory of God with the gifts he has entrusted to us (and having fun along the way).

Student Life Office
Student Life Office